Matchabis Box by Plus Products


A powerful serving of Matcha Tea blended with CBD! Simply mix in with hot or cold water till the powder dissolves and enjoy. This order comes with 20 individual servings.

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This is a unique product that combines the benefits of Organic Matcha Tea and Cannabidiol (CBD). This Matcha Tea is Certified Organic is combined with the power of CBD Isolate powder. This product is an entire Box of serving packets of MATCHABIS which contains 10mg of CBD per serving – 20 Servings total.

What are the benefits of Matcha Tea?

Matcha Tea is grown on green tea plants kept under a shade. This shading process increases the amount of chlorophyll in the leaves. These leaves are typically picked by hand and the stems and veins are removed. The remaining portions of the leaves are then grounded in a process that protects the naturally occurring nutrients.

This process has been done for centuries originating in Japan.

Matcha Tea has numerous increased benefits over more common tea products. Matcha has numerous anti-oxidant properties and is high in a catechin called epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG). There are some studies that indicate that EGCG has cancer-fighting benefits, helps to prevent heart disease, and type-2 diabetes.

There needs to be more clinical testing done to solidify these types of claims which we will closely follow and report on as studies are published.