We Provide High-Quality CBD Products for Wholesale, Retail, and End Users.

Highest Quality CBD Products

There has been a significant amount of press regarding the lack of quality control regarding CBD products. From Dr. Phil, Dr. Oz, the Doctors - all major day time TV shows have talked about CBD Products. There seems to be two common threads shared amongst all Medical Doctors regarding their view on CBD products.

Firstly, CBD products can help people greatly. Secondly, quality across different brands vary's greatly. We've researched the industry and will only ever carry the absolute best products for their price.

We Research So You Don't Have To

It's hard for a typical consumer to properly research a particular CBD product. Luckily, we've done the research for you.

For a CBD Product Manufacturer to list their products on the CBD NJ Shop they have to provide us with a certified scientific chemical analysis. This analysis details the level of detectible THC, reveals the use of pesticides, and provides proof of product purity.

You'll never have to second guess knowing you'll get the best CBD Product Possible.

Support for Wholesalers & Affiliates

Although CBD NJ Provides competitive pricing for retail customers we also have Affiliate and Wholesale pricing.

After you submit an application we'll schedule a time to speak and go over the specific next steps.

Responsive & Confidential Customer Service

We hope and anticipate that our customers will have questions for us. We consider your questions sensitive and confidential. Our team consists of CBD Users and advocates. They simply want to provide you with the best CBD Product possible.

"Its the right time to prove that marijuana can help with chronic pain"
Dr. Oz