About Quanta CBD Products

The present state of the CBD industry can be worrisome. There are numerous scientific reports that show discrepancies between a CBD Product’s label and the chemical analysis in the product itself. This is exactly where Quanta CBD Products are different.

Before CBD NJ could sell any CBD products we had to find a high-quality product that was the best in the industry. Through this discovery process, we found Quanta. Their Explainer Video is available below.

Not only does quanta use the highest quality ingredients they also use a Patented Process that increases the Bio-Energy of their products. Using the knowledge, and power, of Quantum Mechanics they’re able to enhance their CBD Products that are simply the best. This is why we consider Quanta CBD products to be the best in the industry.

“[Quanta’s] patented post-production technology uses frequencies (no chemicals or cell penetration) to increase energy levels in cannabinoids to create perfect resonance within the CB receptors. The result is a powerful, clean, energetic and relaxed experience without side effects like paranoia, anxiety, laziness, and mental haze.”

Information from Quanta about their patented CBD Enhancement process.