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Would Your Pet Benefit from CBD Pet Products?

It’s difficult to see your pet in distress. Any reasonable owner would do anything they could to help their best friend feel better. Whether a pet is in pain, feeling lethargic, and even needs help with seizures, CBD Pet Products have the potential for great positive impact on animal health and wellbeing. Results of a CBD Pet Product Clinical Study In a study conducted by the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine, initial results showed that more than 80% of dogs affected with osteoarthritis had experienced significant improvement from using CBD Products. This study was conducted across thousands of Dogs and is considered the first clinical study of the results of CBD Pet Products. Although the CBD NJ Shop team …

Interested in an Exclusive Turn-Key CBD Retail Store Business Opportunity?

Are you interested in profiting from the CBD Industry? Have you thought about opening up a CBD Retail Store? Are you concerned with it takes to build a successful CBD Retail Business that has the best possible chance of success? First, a short story: The CBDNJ.Shop team is actively working with a young entrepreneur assisting him with opening his own CBD Retail Store Business! We’re helping him complete every step of the process from locating a Commercial Space, Budget Estimates, Profit Projections, Creation of an Investor Presentation, LLC Filing, Legal Paperwork, and everything else required to open a successful business. Things are going so well that we’re currently projecting a grand opening date of October 25th! For our client, this …


CBD NJ Shop Now Accepting Crypto Currencies!

To better help our customers, and partners, the CBD NJ Shop team have implemented the ability to pay for your CBD Order by using BitCoin, BitCoin Cash, LiteCoin, Ethereum, and USD Coin. This alternative payment option will allow payment flexibility for all our orders moving forward. The process to use Crypto Currencies is available on the payment page of the checkout process. There are no additional fees for using this option. You can see an example of this new Payment Option below. Setting up a Crypto Payment Account is Easy. It typically takes less than one day. If you want to start using Crypto Currencies then you can simply sign up for an account with CoinBase here.

FDA Hosts Meeting With CBD Businesses & Advocates

In a landmark step, the Food & Drug Administration hosted a public panel with 114 speakers including Academia, Agriculture, Manufacturing, Patients, Public Safety, Retail/Distributors, Government Entities, Consumers, and Health Care Professionals. Since the passing of the historic 2018 Farm Bill – which made CBD legal federally – the powers of mandate have been placed within the FDA. This agency, known for not only their secrecy but their multi-year delays wrapped in bureaucracy, has been progressive in their outreach. This contrarian approach from the FDA likely means a public ruling outlining new guidelines and rules for the CBD businesses throughout the industry. The team at the CBD NJ Shop have run the audio of this video through a voice to text …

CBD to help with pain

Is CBD a Solution for Opiod Addiction?

Everyone has heard of Opioids, and their mean cousin Heroin, and the extremely negative effects of their use. If you’re not familiar with Opioids and the risk of using them as a prescription drug (Oxycodone, Percocet, Vicodin, etc) then let me lay out two quick facts: in 2017 Opioid deaths rose 9.6% from 2016 totaling a whopping 70,237 deaths. This is roughly equivalent to everyone in Temple, Texas dying in one year. A growing population of the US is becoming more inclined to attaching an extremely negative stigma to Prescription & Street Opioids for good reason. For some people, no longer taking these Prescription Pain Killers isn’t an option – they live with daily pain that should be managed properly. …

Quanta CBD Muscle Rub Tin

Quanta Muscle Rub Travel Size Available and Affordable

If you travel a lot, or simply want to try Quanta Muscle Rub before you dive into a big tin, you now have the option to purchase a travel sized product. We’re really happy about this for a few reasons. The primary reason is that it’s hard to describe the powerful effects of Quanta’s products without actually trying them. Now, we’re able to answer all Quanta questions by simply allowing you to purchase (or if you are a retailer you may be eligible for a free sample) this smaller size tin. Feedback we’ve gotten about the Quanta Muscle Rubs were phenomenal. One of the most popular uses was to use the product on the feet before going to bed. Others …

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Don’t Be Fooled by Subpar CBD Products

A member of our sales team recently spoke with an operator of a Vape Shop. Had a nice, brief, conversation but after a while, one aspect stood out to me – the products he stocks claim to have more CBD than the products we were discussing. That was what his customers asked about and that’s what he cared about – although he admitted his sales were lackluster at best. There may be a simple reason for this: CBD is the most expensive ingredient in any CBD enhanced product. Unlike a bag of Potato Chips (where there is honest nutritional information provided by law), some CBD manufacturers have decided to rely on their near zero incentive to be truthful between their …

CBD NJ - Matchabis Matcha Tea with CBD Packs

CBD NJ Shop now Carrying Matcha Tea with CBD

We’ve recently partnered with Plus Products so that we can provide our customers with their Matchabis Tea. It combines Matcha Tea with CBD to create a double dose of awesome stuff for your body. The CBD NJ Shop is now carrying individual serving packets (great to sample if your not ready to commit to a box) and boxes of 20 packets for purchase. Discounts are applied on boxes of 2 or more and individual packets of 4 or more. These discounts may not last long so get some Matchabis at discount while you can.

Quanta CBD - Vape Pens & Muscle Rub Tins

Quanta Introduces Polarized CBD

In an industry first, Quanta, a Los Angles based CBD Product manufacturer, is selling Polarized Cannabidiol products. These products are enhanced to increase the body’s ability to absorb CBD. The CBD NJ team considers Quanta CBD Products to be Best-of-Breed in the industry. You can see their original press release here.